It is now possible to leave offerings in the entrance lobby to the Dhamma Hall, between 7am and 7pm, any day of the week. 

In keeping with government guidelines, we ask that all who visit write their name and phone number on the pieces of paper made available. We ask you to read the information below and adhere to the following requirements:

- Everyone who enters must wear a mask and maintain social distancing of 2 metres.
- Before opening the door and entering the lobby, use the hand sanitizer that will be available.

- A table set up on the left hand side is available for you to place your offerings.
- If you bring flowers, please leave them on the offering table, or in the plastic bucket beside the shrine that has been set up.
- If you have previously left containers behind, they will be placed on a table set up on the right hand side.
- Our annual CALENDAR for 2021 is also available there to take away. Please help yourself.
- (We still have many copies of our 2020 FS calendar. You are welcome to take as many of these as you wish.) 
- Use hand sanitizer before touching any of the books.
- Only handle books that you plan to take away. If you do touch a book and do not take it away, leave it in the box provided. 
- Read the other notices in the entrance lobby.
- Use hand sanitizer before opening the door to depart. 

If you have any questions or concerns about making offerings, please either email us at or telephone us on 07 958 394 796.

We sincerely hope these arrangements will prove helpful to our extended community of friends and supporters of the monastery. 

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