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New Moon Update: September 2020

Today, Thursday 17th, is the New Moon day for the month of September, 2020. The next uposatha day will be the Full Moon which falls on Friday 2nd October, which is also the end of this year's Rains Retreat.

In the photo above you see the two new bhikkhus - Tan Adicco (right) and Tan Sucinno (left) - who recently returned from their upasampada at Amaravati. It is a joy to have them with us again.

Once more we are announcing changes to the ways our friends and supporters can stay in touch with the monastery. The government has introduced new laws and we have been reassessing what we think will work in the long run. It doesn't seem like this pandemic is going to disappear anytime soon, so we have been considering ways of accommodating it. 

Under announcements you can find the full details of what is now possible and we ask you to adhere strictly to the structures that are being put in place. This way we hope there will be minimal risk of the infection being transferred. 

In Short:
- PLEASE NOTE, the option of making offerings at the lake car-park has been cancelled.
- It is now possible to enter the entrance lobby to the Dhamma Hall at the monastery to drop-off offerings.
- (It is not possible to enter the actual Dhamma Hall.)

- No booking is necessary: a nytime, any day of the week, between 7am and 7pm.
- Generally there will not be anybody there to meet you, but there will be a place to leave offerings.
- In keeping with government guidelines we ask that you write down your name and phone number and date of visiting.
- Please avoid bringing 'prepared meals' e.g. curries etc.

- You can leave a note of any dedication you wish to have announced and the sangha will endeavor (but not guarantee) to read it out.  
- No more than 3 people in the entrance lobby at one time.
- Everyone who enters must wear a mask and maintain social distancing of 2 metres.


Drop Off 01

Best place to park, see above.
Alternatively, see below.

Drop Off 01

If you park here, above, keep it to the minimum as this road belongs to the farmer. 

Drop Off 01

See above, the entrance way to the Dhamma Hall, which will be open 7am to 7pm every day. 

We ask that you try to keep your visit short.

And once again, please read this announcement for full details.

If you have any questions or concerns about making offerings, please either email us at dana@ratanagiri.org.uk or telephone us on 07 958  394 796

In the meantime, our Evening Puja is still live streamed every night except Monday and you are warmly invited to join us.

For live-streaming evening pujas , 7pm BST

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