hilltop newsletter


​Recently there’s been a bit of a sense of the Europeans taking over. Ajahn Abhinando’s mother arrived from Germany on Monday accompanied by Onkel Fred. Professor Mariscotti (Cesare) arrived on Tuesday, also another Italian, Luca. Giovanni (from Santacittarama) has confirmed his booking to​ ​arrive at the beginning of October and be here for the Winter Retreat of 2015. Anthony has confirmed he will be here too​. (He is English). Martin from France is expected this Friday. ​We have heard that the calendar for 2015 is expected to be delivered shortly, having been printed in Malaysia. Luang Por is currently working on the calendar for 2016. Each year it takes quite a lot of preparation. John Bower has been working on rationalising the contents of our Kusala House library. A few Lonely Planet-type books and pseudo-spiritual publications are destined for charity shops, liberating shelf space for things more relevant to a monastery. Tan Ariyo has done thorough research on shelving to be installed in the barn by the lake and Venerable Vinita continues with his retreat there in one of the kutis. Friday is our Fire Drill Day.

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