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That Was Kathina 2016/2559

Picture: Kathina gathering at Aruna Ratanagiri, 23rd October 2016

The New Moon for this month falls on Sunday 30th October. Towards the end of last week Ajahn Nandiyo (from Hartridge Monastery) joined us. Then on Saturday we received a welcome influx of several more samanas including Ajahns Sucitto, Amaro, and Karuniko. On Sunday we were happy to welcome Ajahn Candasiri who traveled down from her hermitage in the Scottish Highlands. This year's Kathina broke several records. The pindapat (alms-round) line has never been so long (just under 400), the number of overall attendees has never been so large and the kathina robe has never been sewn so fast - mostly this time by Ajahn Go, in around 4 hours. (Some attendees would have unfortunately noticed the record-breaking traffic jam of cars around arrival time). Khun Jeab with family and friends, had made a massive effort in preparation for the special day and the result was a joyous celebration of goodness. This week we start the Mangala House painting project, and it is expected to take about one month. Next Sunday morning, 30th Oct., the clocks go back an hour, so, as usual, our midday meal-time also goes back:  Paritta Chanting will be 10.45 and midday meal offering at 11:00. If you have any questions please contact Justin-the-kitchen-manager.