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Two New Samaneras

(Picture: Samaneras Jinavaro and Jayamangalo)

The New Moon for this month of March falls next Monday 7th and the Full Moon on Tuesday 22nd. We are two thirds of the way through our 2016 Winter Retreat and the number of community members in brown robes has increased by two fifths. On Magha Puja Day, Monday 22nd February, Anagarikas Giovanni and Martin took samanera precepts and are now known as Jayamangalo and Jinavaro respectively. Geoff has done a super fine job replacing the decrepit cupboard doors in the kitchen; anumodana to those generous supporters who sponsored the work. Cesare-from-Milano has been here for approx. 3 weeks and has now gone back to Italy. We look forward to his next visit. Another good friend, Manura Madukelum, is about to go back to Sri Lanka. We hope there will be a next visit. Over the weekend of 27th-28th Feb. our architect Rion Willard was here updating us on progress with plans for building the new larder/scullery/office/conservatory . On Sunday 28th February, Penny made preparations for planting a significant number of new trees at the lakeside.

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