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Very Helpful

Picture: Rolf Henrik

The Full Moon for this month falls tomorrow, Thursday 18th August. In recent weeks it seems we've had more than our fair share of windy weather, but it has not been cold. And during the recent retreat week there wasn't anything so serious as to distract the lay retreatants from their vigorous and virtuous efforts. The retreatants have now all departed, hopefully with a renewed commitment to the Refuges that they can take back with them out into the wider world. Kath's help with organizing and Rolf-Henrik's help in the kitchen complimented Ajahn Abhinando's generous Dhamma offerings. Last Sunday Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma talk called Constancy Helps . Our friend Kean Lee from Melbourne has been to visit; seeing good friends always helps. And our architect friend, Rion-from-London, is here again, helpfully updating us on developments with the new larder/scullery/office project. Vlad Nezdaril (ex-bhikkhu Jayamano) from Czech Republic is about to arrive. As mentioned last week, Saturday 20th is a Lake Work Day and Sunday 21st a Practice/Study Day. Looking forward, everyone is invited to join in the blessing of Mangala House, Saturday 1st October, 1pm. There will also be ceremonial tree planting on the day.

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