Voluntary Kitchen Manager

​An opportunity for a volunteer to manage our monastery kitchen will soon be available. A commitment of at least 6 to 12 months is preferable. Applicants need to be male, with a passport that allows them to live in UK, fluent in English, comfortably familiar with Theravada Buddhist practice, and feel confident with vegetarian cooking. Someone taking up this voluntary role, would join in the monastic routine, keeping the 8 precepts, with 2 meals a day and the opportunity to participate in retreats and daily meditations. They would have accommodation in a single room. Responsibilities focus on daily organisation of cooking activities and food storage. Applicants need to have ability with people management, and a general awareness of health and safety and food hygiene issues​ (further Food Hygiene training will be given).
If you are interested, please contact us via email at -
or by phone on
+44 (0)1661 881 612
to arrange an initial meeting.

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