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(picture: Ajahn Punnyo in Thailand)

Saturday was a great success in terms of the gathering that turned out for this month's Lake Work Day. Warm weather, but not too warm, contributed to a sense of congeniality, and Penny's precise instructions meant all the good energy was put to good purpose. Sunday was similarly successful, in terms of the number of participants and the sincerity of interest, in this month's Practice and Study Day. Ajahn Abhinando as usual skilfully led the group in contemplation, this time on the theme of Right Mindfulness. Ajahn Punnyo has been in touch and assured us he is well and benefiting from his time in Thailand. The weather there might be a tad warmer than a boy from Yorkshire is used to, but he is adaptable. Mark and Gricel (Lewis) stopped with us for two nights, recently returned from helping Ajahn Jayanto get settled into the new Temple Forest Monastery near Boston, USA. One of our trustees, Julian Wall, is stopping here this week, up from Hertfordshire, from where he distributes many of the books and CDs that our Forest Sangha communities produce. He and Luang Por Munindo will be discussing the soon-to-go-live most recent incarnation of the website.

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