ways of donating

The monastery is entirely dependent for its existence on the generosity of its lay supporters. Below is an overview of the various ways of making offerings to the monastery. We hope they give some idea of what form of support might work best for you.

If you wish your donation to be used for a particular purpose please inform us of this when making the donation. Please note that if the amount is more than necessary for the particular purpose any excess will be used for the general support of the monastery.

Standing Orders:

It is very helpful to the Monastery Trust to know that there is some degree of regular financial support. Standing orders are one of the best ways of ensuring this. If you are in a position to make such an offering then you can do so by completing a standing instruction to your bank (monthly, quarterly or annually). For details, email secretary@ratanagiri.org.uk.

Online donations:

For those supporters who are unable to visit the monastery, particularly those from overseas, there is a secure facility on our website where you can make online donations by debit or credit card.

Bank transfer:

Please contact the monastery for the bank account details if you would like to make a bank transfer. For details, email secretary@ratanagiri.org.uk.

Donations by Post:

If you live in UK there is the option of posting us a cheque. Please make cheques payable to Harnham Buddhist Monastery and post to:

Harnham Buddhist Monastery, 2 Harnham Hall Cottages, Harnham, Belsay, Northumberland, NE20 OHF, UK

If you are a UK tax payer you may Gift Aid your donation by including a note with the Gift Aid declaration below.

Donations sent by post will be acknowledged if you include your address.

Donation Boxes

Donations can be made in the form of cash or cheques (payable to Harnham Buddhist Monastery) and placed in one of the donation boxes at the monastery. If you are a UK tax payer you can gift aid your donation enabling the monastery to reclaim the tax paid on it. There is a declaration to complete on the donation envelopes, which can be found next to the donation boxes. There is also a space on the donation envelope to make a dedication.

Gift Aid:

If you are a UK tax payer you can gift aid your donation enabling the monastery to reclaim the tax paid on it. To do this please include with your donation, your full name and address and a note saying:

I wish all my donations, past, present and future (delete as necessary) to Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust to be treated as Gift Aid.

I confirm that I pay income tax, or capital gains tax in the UK at least equal to the amount of tax that will be reclaimed by all the charities and registered Community Amateur Sports Clubs that I donate to in any tax year (6 April to 5 April). I understand that other taxes and council tax do not qualify. If not, it will be my responsibility to repay the difference. I understand that the charity will reclaim 25p for every £1 that I have given.



Please notify Harnham Buddhist Monastry Trust if you wish to cancel this declaration or donations no longer qualify.

Give as You Earn:

Many employers subscribe to this scheme that enables employees to instruct that a monthly deduction from their salary is paid to the charity of their choice. This enables donors to make gifts from their pre-tax income, meaning for example, that a gift of £5 only actually costs a basic rate taxpayer £4 thus enabling you to pass on the tax relief to the charity. One way to find out more about the scheme and to check if your employer subscribes to it, is to go to the Charities Aid Foundation website. Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust is also registered with Co-operative Payroll Giving Ltd.

Pennies for Harnham:

This provides a way of making donations on an enjoyable and regular basis. Just start saving your small change (say 1p, 2p and perhaps 5p coins) in a jam jar, then either bring the coins directly to us or change it at your bank.

Large donations:

If you are in a position and wish to make a substantial donation to the monastery, it is most useful to leave the donation unspecified, so the Trustees can use their discretion in applying it to whatever is needed most at the time. However, you may, if you wish, specify that your donation is for a particular project at the Monastery or for a specific fund such as Publications, the Endowment Fund or the Ageing Samanas Fund. If you are intending to make such a contribution, then do feel free to contact the monastery for advice and information and the Trust Secretary or one of the directors will make themselves available to discuss any ideas you might have.


If you would like to leave an offering in your will, then a bequest can be made to Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust. It is recommended that you have the advice of a solicitor when drawing up your will, or adding a clause (codicil) to a will already written. It is most useful if the bequest is not dedicated for a specific purpose so that the Trustees can then exercise their discretion in applying it wherever the need is greatest. However if you do wish the bequest to be used in a particular way, this can be stated in your will. Please note that if the amount is more than necessary for the particular purpose any excess will be used for the general support of the Sangha.

If it would be helpful to you to discuss making a bequest, or any of the matters above, then please contact the Trust Secretary or one of the directors.

Privacy Statement:

Any personal information that you give to the Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust, such as name, address or other personal details will only be used by the Trust, and for the purpose for which you have given it. For full details of  Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust's Privacy Policy, please download the PDF here.