N.B. Please refer to the most recent ANNOUNCEMENT for up-to-date information on ways in which you can currently offer help. You can find phone numbers there that you can ring if you have any questions.

Volunteering roles

Please see our announcements page for long-term voluntary roles.

Volunteering for the day

Help at the lake - Help with cutting and raking grass, weeding, caring for the growing trees and maintaining the lake. Regular Garden & Lakeside Work Days are organized for each month except during our winter retreat period. You can find out the dates and more information about them on the calendar and the announcement page on this website.

Help in the kitchen – If you have some basic culinary skills and would like to help out on either an occasional or regular basis, then please get in touch and we will gladly explain how the monastery kitchen operates.

Driving – Although the monastery does have its own car, we sometimes need to find someone willing and able to take on the task of driving members of the Sangha on such necessary trips as teaching groups, visits to the doctor, and to the station or airport, etc.

Gardening – Help with weeding, planting, cutting the grass and other tasks that need to be done in the garden, is always appreciated and can be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Building and decorating – As in every home, there is always something needing repair or replacement. If you have any skills in this area to offer on either a regular or occasional basis, then please get in touch. 

If you feel you can assist in any of the ways suggested above, please contact us as we would appreciate any help offered.