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And Yet Another New Year

Picture: Bathing the Buddha rupa 

The New Moon for this month falls today, Tuesday 25th April 2017. The Full Moon for next month will be on Wednesday 10th May. Last Sunday 16th April, we marked S.Asia's New Year with the traditional bathing of the Buddha rupa and asking for forgiveness. In the evening Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma talk called Confidently Not Knowing. On Sunday 25th April Luang Por offered a teaching titled, On Being a Servant of the Dhamma. Sunday 7th May will be an occasion for marking the Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Final Passing (Vesakha Puja) with the meal offering starting around 10.30 am. This will be followed at 7pm in the evening with a circumambulation at the lake. At approximately 8 pm there will be puja and a formal teaching in the Dhamma Hall. Families with small children are encouraged to participate in the earlier events - at the morning meal offering and down by the lake - leaving the later gathering for those more keen on sitting still and in silence. As mentioned in our last news/blog, the Vesak gathering on the morning of May 7th will double as an opportunity to bid farewell to Ajahn Abhinando (soon to depart to Switzerland) and also as a welcome occasion to greet Ajahn Jayanto (visiting from US). 

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