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Meetings and Visitors

Picture: Ajahn Jayanto and Robin Moore (ex-Ajahn Suriyo) visiting

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Wednesday 10th May; the New  Moon will be on Thursday 25th May. At the end of last month we had a fruitful Lakeside Work Day. Various friends helped out with the cutting, strimming, weeding and cleaning. There will be another Lakeside Work Day on Saturday 27th May. This month of May promises to be full-on, not just with the normal day to day work activity, but also with myriad meetings and visitors. The first visitors to arrive were Ajahn Jayanto with 4 members of his community from Temple Forest Monastery in New Hampshire (near Boston, USA). Ajahn Jayanto hasn't been here for quite a while so we are delighted he is staying for several days. On Saturday night Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma talk called We Need All The Reminders, commenting on the relevance in our lives of the Dhammachakka Sutta. The next day Sunday 7th May was the celebration of Vesakha Puja, marking the occasion of the Buddha's birth, Enlightenment and final passing away. Following the candle-lit circumambulation of the lake, Ajahn Abhinando offered a Dhamma talk at evening puja. Sunday also served as an opportunity to mark the departure of Ajahn Abhinando, who is in the process of leaving Harnham to take up residence in Dhammapala Monastery in Switzerland. Another welcome friend visiting on Vesak day was ex-Ajahn Suriyo (Robin Moore). Ajahn Kevali, abbot of our mother monastery in Thailand, Wat Pah Nanachat, is about to visit from 12th - 21st May. Please check our announcements page for details of dates when other Ajahns are expected to visit, this month and in June, including Luang Por Tiradhammo, Ajahn Sawaeng, Ajahn Kusalo, Ajahn Jotipalo and Ajahn Siripannyo.