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Be Like A Tree

Picture: Tiang making offerings on Luang Por Munindo's birthday

The New Moon for this month falls today, Wednesday 20th September; the next Full Moon will be on Thursday 5th October, Pavarana Day which marks the end of this years Rains Retreat. Ajahn Punnyo's week retreat went very well, organized as usual by the exceptionally competent Kath Jones, and this time supported by Virginia in the kitchen. Lots of gratitude all round. Anagarika Jagaro is away in France looking after his grandmother. Luang Por Munindo offered a Guided Meditation on Sunday 17th titled, Be Like A Tree. The previous Saturday was Luang Por's 66th birthday; the attached photo shows 5 year old Tian making offerings before chanting the 'Jayanto'. The annual shipment of books and calendars are beginning to arrive at our various monasteries around the world. Attendees at our Kathina on Sunday 15th will be offered a calendar and an opportunity to select from the new publications. Next Saturday 23rd September is a Lake Work Day and there is plenty of work to be getting on with.