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Picture: Saturday's procession carrying the Buddha rupa to Mangala House

It didn't rain on Saturday despite the earlier predictions. A large gathering of friends and supporters enjoyed the autumn sunshine and accompanied the sangha in procession down the hill, delivering the Buddha rupa safely and joyously into Mangala House. Paritta chants were recited, Luang Por Munindo gave a talk on Generating Blessings and trees were planted. At Sunday evening's puja Luang Por spoke on Reading Scriptures and Sitting Practice. Ajahn Abhinando returned from Romania on Tuesday. Ajahn Ahimsako will go back today, Wednesday, to Amaravati. Ajahn Punnyo will leave for Scotland on Thursday. This next weekend Ian Plagaro will lead a retreat at Kusala House. If anyone knows of a 4-berth caravan for sale we would be pleased to hear from them.

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