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Building Work Begins

Picture: The builders begin digging foundations for the new building.

The New Moon for this month falls today, Thursday 19th October; the next Full Moon will be on Thursday 3rd November. At last, our building project has begun. If all goes well, work might be completed in time for Vesak 2018. Sunday's Kathina went exceedingly well, organized this year by the Burmese community. After the offering of the robe material and a Dhamma talk by Luang Por Tiradhammo, we processed down the hill to the lake for the inauguration of the beautiful new Borobudur Buddha rupa presented to the sangha by Ian and Pawan Donaldson. 

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Over the next few weeks several of our community will be travelling to join in with Kathina festivals down south. Then some will be moving on: Tan Sambodhi returns to Sri Lanka, Tan Sudhammo returns to Wat Nanachat, Samanera Issaro returns to Amaravati and Anagarika Jagaro will go to NZ for 6 months to help out. Before that we have a Lake Work Day this next Saturday 21st October and, as always, everybody is welcome. Quite a few trees need straightening after the winds. Please NOTE that from Sunday 29th the time for offering of our midday meal reverts back to 11.00 am.

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