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(picture: Luang Por Munindo visiting with Ajahn Karuniko)

Luang Por Munindo has been visiting Cittaviveka Monastery where he delivered his talk for this month commenting on Ajahn Chah's teachings, called, 'Remembering to Cultivate the Refuges'. Luang Por is expected back at Harnham on Thursday 11th June. The Lake Work Day for this month was once again a delight, with resident community members joining an energetic bunch of visitors in our ongoing cultivation of the sanctuary. Also joining us were a pair of oystercatchers becoming the first 'customers', nesting on our recently established island. Sunday saw another good crowd attending Ajahn Abhinando's Practice & Study Day. In the evening Ajahn Abhinando offered reflections on being a refuge unto oneself in a talk called 'All Dhammas Converge on Feeling'. We are happy to currently be hosting anagarika Martin's grandmother, mother and friend, from Brittany, France. To our surprise we recently heard that a large portion of our neighbour's property - Shortflatt Farm - is up for sale. It comprises the fields immediately to the east of our lake with a forest, another lake, a house and several barns. How interested we might get in the property depends, firstly on whether the monastic sangha feel that expanding would enhance or deplete what we already have, and secondly on whether our community of supporters think it a good idea. If anyone would like more details please feel free to contact Penny on or do a search for Shortflatt Farm, Belsay.