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Knuckling Down

Picture: Nick Pearce commencing construction of the plinth

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Monday 7th August; the next New  Moon will be on Monday 21st August. Since Ajahn Sucitto's weekend retreat at the end of July we have been knuckling down and getting some serious maintenance work done. Nick Pearce is progressing well with the platform/plinth by the lake. The two old conservatories/porches to the west of the Dhamma Hall have been dismantled, making way for the builders to begin construction (see below). Penny's office has been temporarily relocated and her old wooden hut removed/recycled. Helpful conversations have been happening between the architect, the builders and the project coordinator, and we now like to think that most of the expectable disruption resulting from these building works will be over in time for Kathina - 15th October. The A.G.M. for the Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust was last Saturday 5th. The meeting took place as usual in a marvelous atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. That several of the trustees have been participating for over 2 decades is a great credit to their generosity and commitment. Most groups find consensus decisions are not always easily arrived at, but everyone ascribes value to this Dhamma principle and willingly gives the time needed. On Sunday evening at puja, Luang Por gave a Dhamma talk called When We Meet Ourselves.

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