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Picture: Stillness

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Monday 1st January; the next New Moon will be on Tuesday 16th January 2018. On Christmas Day Samanera Jayamangalo and two of our guests firmed up the Memorial Garden pergola with extra oak bracing. The rest of the laymen and laywomen who opted to be at the monastery for this period enjoyed a day of calm and quiet. Since last Thursday the influx of guests has been steadily building, culminating last night in our annual midnight ritual of Forgiveness and Renewal. We expect the numbers to now start dwindling, until next Thursday 4th, by when things should have settled again. Our Winter Retreat Support Team have (mostly) arrived: Nicolas from France, Yuri from Russia, Jonas from Sweden, and Henrik from Denmark. These news/blog entries will now slow down from regular to occasional. Those who wish to know if there will be a Dhamma talk at the Sunday public Evening Puja, please refer to our website calendar. Anyone interested in reading the newly published book by Luang Por Munindo, Alert To The Needs Of The Journey, can find the electronic versions available at

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