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Serving Reality

Picture: A new publication, Servant of Reality

The next Full Moon will be Sunday 20th January. This 'out-of-season' issue of our news/blog is to announce the commencement of the monastery's annual Winter Retreat and to inform readers that the next issue can be expected Friday 19th April 2019. The various events marking the ending of 2018 and beginning of 2019 - the Forgiveness and Aspiration Ritual at midnight on 31st December, the morning Dana meal and 3pm Paritta and Dhamma talk on 1st January - have all been and gone. Each in their own way reaffirming our communal commitment to deepening in Dhamma. Now the sangha residents at Aruna Ratanagiri will pull back from much of the outer activity and spend the next three months emphasizing quietude. Two of our community - Samaneras Sangvaro and Mahesako - are spending the retreat at our sister monasteries, Chithurst and Amaravati respectively, and we expect to see them back again in April. The new book, Servant of Reality, containing 8 Dhamma talks by Luang Por Munindo adapted for print, has been published and, if you live in UK, is now available to either collect from the monastery, or request be posted from the Forest Sangha website.  As per usual we do not take general guests during this period of retreat although day visitors are always welcome. The Dhamma talk on the first Sunday of each month can also be expected as usual. Whatever 2019 brings, may we all keep learning.