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Silent Sitting

(picture: The resident goose)

Very little to report this week as most are practising in silence. The Canadian goose nesting near the boardwalk is not altogether silent, but she is spending a lot of time sitting. Ajahn Kalyano joined us last Thursday from Amaravati and is currently leading the lay community on retreat in Kusala House. The sangha are similarly using this week to focus on quietude. When Ajahn Kalyano departs he will be readying himself to settle into a new monastery in Norway. Ajahn Punnyo has already departed, to Thailand, for one year. Before leaving he offered a Dhamma talk (not recorded) on the connection between Right Livelihood and Right Effort, with particular reference to generosity. Later this week Ajahn Abhinando will be away visiting the meditation groups in Edinburgh (Thursday) and Glasgow (Friday). Next week Bhikkhu Thitapannyo is expected to join us from Abhayagiri Monastery, California. It is also expected next week that Luang Por Munindo will take some personal quiet time away with his Kiwi friend of many years, Mark Overton.

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