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Still Painting

Picture: Tan Thitapannyo painting everything alabaster

The Full Moon for this month falls on Monday 14th November; apparently it will be a 'super-moon' which should make many photographers happy. Our painting project continues and Mangala House is gradually turning white. Will Cooke turned white (became Anagarika Jagaro) on Sunday and Luang Por delivered a Dhamma talk; however a technological hiccup meant there was no recording. On the subject of technology, the iTunes account that distributed talks from Aruna Ratanagiri was changed some time ago. If your automatic download seems to have stopped, perhaps unsubscribing and re-subscribing will fix it. Last Thursday Tan Gambhiro joined us from Portugal. Anagarika Andreas is expected to join us today from Amaravati. Tan Sudhammo from Wat Nanachat is preparing to join us very soon. Some of you might remember Tan Sudhammo as Boyd from Scotland. On Friday 11th  Venerable Piitigala Gunaratna Thero is due to deliver a Dhamma talk to the Sri Lankan community at Kusala House. On Saturday we expect the HBM Trustees to be here for a Trust meeting.

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