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Wood and Gas

Last Saturday’s Lake Day went well with a lot of work done. Help offered by the (Scottish) Kirriemuir Meditation group was significant. Luang Por offered a Dhamma talk on Saturday evening contemplating the pursuit of happiness. On Sunday Ajahn Abhinando led the Study/Practice group in contemplation and cultivation of Mindfulness. We are already well into ‘the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ so now, with winter just around the corner, our gas and wood supplies are being monitored. Kathina season for this year is complete and Ajahn Punnyo has returned from the gathering at Amaravati. This week on Wednesday Ajahn Punnyo visited the Carlisle Group and Ajahn Abhinando visited Edinburgh on Thursday; Glasgow on Friday. Ajahn Abhinando is expected back in time for the HBMTrust meeting on Saturday. A Practice Day is organized for the Gateshead Group on Sunday. Arrangements are in place for Anagarika Daniel (from Bulgaria) to arrive at the beginning of December and Samanera Indapanñño (from Ireland) shortly after. They will be with us for the Winter Retreat. A good team of volunteers are already in place to support the monastery throughout the retreat.

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