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'The Blessings House'

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Picture: Mangala House to be

The Full Moon for this month falls next Tuesday 19th July. Today, Wednesday 13th July, is Ajahn Punnyo's birthday. And today Ajahn Punnyo will visit the Carlisle Group. Oh, and our monastery trustees have just bought one of the neighbouring houses here on…

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Anywhere, Anytime

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Picture: Private shrine at Aruna Ratanagiri

The New Moon for this month fell last Monday, 4th July. Last Sunday 3rd July, Luang Por Munindo offered a Dhamma talk called Going for Refuge to Reality, which discussed developing a practice that is applicable anywhere, anytime. Such a practice includes…

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Whatever Helps

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Picture: wildflowers in front of the Dhamma Hall

The approaching New Moon for next month falls on Monday 4th July. Recent ample rain and agreeable temperatures have contributed to the lush growth of wild flowers. It helps that Anagarika Will put so much time and effort into seeding…

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June 2016

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picture: Luang Por Munindo with his mother in NZ, 2005

Last Friday 17th June a dana meal was offered to the sangha at Harnham dedicating the punnya to Luang Por Munindo's mother who recently passed away, aged 96. With generous donations that have been made, dana meals will

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Bucolic Surroundings

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Picture: The bucolic surroundings of Harnham Hill

We were happy to have had Ajahn Jaras visit with us; now he has left en route to Dhammapala Monastery in Switzerland. We had a great visit from Tan Thitapannyo's parents who have also left, just in the opposite direction en…

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picture: A family of 7, Harnham Lake

There has been much to celebrate recently, beginning with the good amount of work done on last Saturday's Lake Work Day. Then there was the wonderful weather we had for the Vesak Celebration on Sunday. In the morning, many members of our

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Marking Wesak

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Events to mark Vesakha Puja 2016 at Aruna Ratanagiri Monastery:

Morning meal offering: precepts, parittas, Dhamma Talk
Afternoon Practice & Study: The Life of the Buddha
Evening: Circumambulation of the lake with chanting followed by a gathering in the Dhamma Hall with meditation and a Dhamma Talk.

Photos of

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