Formal Meditation Retreats at Aruna Ratanagiri are held at Kusala House, our guest facilities, located adjacent to the main monastery buildings, and are open to both men and women (unless otherwise indicated). Meditation instruction is provided by the senior monk leading the retreat, with periods of sitting and walking meditation typically scheduled for the morning, afternoon and evening. A Dhamma talk usually follows the evening sitting.

Please note we do not currently offer facilities for purely personal retreats. If you are looking for a less structured stay in the monastery we accept guests outside of Formal Retreat times where there is generally plenty of time for private practice. See Visiting and Staying.

Strict observance of silence is usually encouraged during periods of formal retreat. During other times it is asked that guests observe silence from 9pm until 6.30am.  

As there is limited space on the retreats, the monastery adopts the policy of a maximum of two retreats per person in any one year.

Please read information regarding the Eight Precepts and the standard of behaviour required of guests staying at the monastery : Visiting and Staying.

Upcoming retreats:

Type Starts Ends Lead by Spaces
Mixed 2017, June. 10th, Saturday June 17th,
Ajahn Tiradhammo Waiting list
Mixed 2017, Sept. 3rd, Sunday Sept. 9th,
Ajahn Punnyo Waiting list
Mixed 2017, Sept. 29th, Friday Oct. 1st, Sunday Ian Plagaro Waiting list
Mixed - weekend  2017, July 28th, Friday July 30th, Sunday Ajahn Sucitto  Waiting list

If you are interested in serving as a cook on any of our retreats, please contact Kath Jones, see below.  

If you would like more information or to book a place on any of these, please contact Kath Jones -

ll: 0120 7283 361
m: 0770 7621 717