regular events

Listed below are activities held regularly at the monastery. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Meditation Classes

See meditation groups.

Sunday Evening Meditation and Dhamma Talk

Sunday evening meditation and chanting is usually followed by a talk on the Buddha’s teachings or a guided meditation. Meditation starts at 7pm and the evening closes around 8.30pm. All are welcome.

Lake and Garden Work Days

These are held at regular intervals, usually once a month on a Saturday. Please check the calendar for future dates. The work day starts with a session in the morning from 8.30 til 11am, then a break for the meal and a second session between 1 and 4.30pm including a tea break. You are welcome to join in for any part of the day, or to help prepare the meal or tea. Please bring wellies and suitable clothing as it may be muddy.

If you need more information, please contact Penny, the monastery secretary, at phone 07765548071 or


In keeping with Theravada Buddhist tradition we observe the festival days of Vesak and Kathina. These are less formal occasions and a good opportunity for family and friends to join a celebration.

Vesak, sometimes informally referred to as ‘Buddha’s Birthday’, encompasses the birth, enlightenment, and passing away of the Buddha. The exact date varies from year to year according to the lunar calendar, but typically falls in April or May.

Kathina usually takes place at the end of the Vassa (the three-month rains retreat) in October or November (see calendar). N.B. Sometimes the Kathina is replaced with a Pah Bah robe offering ceremony.

Winter Retreat

The monastery is open every day of the year for visits by the public. However, please note that during the months of January, February and March the resident community primarily focuses on their private practice. During this time, the Sunday Evening Meditation and Dhamma Talk continues but other public events such as Tea with a Bhikkhu, Practice and Study Days, and Lake Volunteer Days do not. As always, visitors are still welcome to participate in the meal offering and meal.