On each Full Moon Luang Por Munindo sends out a Dhammapada verse with a few lines of comment for reflection. If you wish to receive this message via email, fill in with your email address.

Note that the verses used in this monthly Reflection are taken from, ‘A Dhammapada for Contemplation’, Aruna Publications. For more literal interpretations we encourage you to view other translations.

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NEW MOON - Trackless Land

Published November 29, 2016 06:00

Some are reborn as humans;
evil-doers are reborn in hell.
Doers of good are reborn in bliss.
and the pure ... Read more

FULL MOON - Self-harming

Published November 14, 2016 06:00

If you intentionally harm
an innocent person,
someone who is pure and blameless,
the harm will come back to you ... Read more

NEW MOON - Cultivation

Published October 30, 2016 06:00

Those who are foolish and confused
betray themselves to heedlessness.
The wise treasure the awareness they have ... Read more

NEW MOON - Impeturbability

Published October 01, 2016 06:00

No tracks are found in the air,
there is no liberation apart from the Way.
There are no conditioned things that ... Read more

FULL MOON - A Mirage

Published September 16, 2016 06:00

The King of Death cannot find
those who look upon the world
as insubstantial, as transient, a bubble -
illusory, ... Read more

NEW MOON - Purification

Published September 01, 2016 06:00

"All conditioned things are impermanent";
when we see this with insight
we will tire of this life of suffering.
... Read more

FULL MOON - Happiness

Published August 18, 2016 12:02

While in the midst
of those who are greedy,
to dwell free from greed
is happiness indeed.

Dhammapada v. 199

It ... Read more