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Beginning Again

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picture: Anagarika Andrew who took up the 8 precepts on Sunday 3rd April

Last Thursday was our first visit for 2016 with the Edinburgh Meditation Group, then Friday it was with the Glasgow Group. Today, Wednesday 13th, a visit is planned with the Carlisle Group and then on Friday

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Lake Work Day on Saturday 30th of April

There will be a session in the morning from 8.30 til 11am, then a break for the meal and a second session between 1 and 4pm. With a tea break!

You are welcome to join in for any part of the day, or to help prepare the meal or…

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That Was Winter Retreat 2016

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(picture: Luang Por Munindo, Ajahn Chandapalo, Samanera Jayamangalo and Samanera Jinavaro in York)

The New Moon this month falls today, Wednesday 6th April, and our Winter Retreat for 2016 is over. Everyone in our small monastic community who started the retreat has completed it. Sincere gratitude…

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Study & Practice Day on Sunday the 10th of April

The day will consist of an afternoon of meditation, readings and discussions at Kusala House, starting at 1:30pm and finishing with tea at 5:30pm. No prior booking is required.

All those attending are warmly welcome to stay on for the Sunday evening puja where one of the senior monks…

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Two New Samaneras

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(Picture: Samaneras Jinavaro and Jayamangalo)

The New Moon for this month of March falls next Monday 7th and the Full Moon on Tuesday 22nd. We are two thirds of the way through our 2016 Winter Retreat and the number of community members in brown robes has increased…

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Winter Stillness

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(picture: walking meditation, late afternoon)

We are a third of the way through our Winter Retreat for 2016. The small amount of snow that has fallen so far has contributed more to a sense of stillness than cause any difficulties. Rory who was a large part of

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Ajahn Chah Memorial Day 2016

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(picture: a shrine especially set up in the Dhamma Hall)

On Saturday 16th January, disciples of Ajahn Chah around the world put time aside to reflect on the good fortune of having heard his teachings and having an opportunity to practice them. At evening puja at Harnham…

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(picture: dawn at Harnham Lake)

There are those who discover
they can completely abandon confused reactions

and become patient as the earth;
 unintimidated by anger,
 unshaken as a pillar,

unperturbed as a clear and quiet pool.

Dhammapada v. 95

Every intentional action that…

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Winter Retreat 2016

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From Friday 8 January to Thursday 31 March the ​monastic ​community will be on ​our Winter Retreat. Some of the time will be spent in silent practice​ and we will not be ​taking​ guests ​again until April​. Visitors are ​always​ welcome during the day​ and the Dhamma Hall will be…

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View from the hill

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(picture: early morning view facing southeast from Harnham Hill)

As 2015 fades away 2016 approaches. Kusala House has been providing welcoming accommodation to the guests gathered to mark the transition. Tomorrow night, Thursday 31st December 2015, is designated as Forgiveness and Aspiration night. Puja will begin as usual at…

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