A Steady Stream

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Picture: Ajahns Punnyo (left) and Sripunnyo (right)

The New Moon for this month falls today, Friday 23rd June; the next Full Moon will be Friday 8th July, Asalha Puja. The very welcome and steady stream of sangha visitors continued through most of May and June, with Luang…

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Spring Activities

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Picture: Ajahn Kevali

The New Moon for this month falls today, Thursday 25th May; the next Full Moon will be on Friday 9th June. Our calendar has been full for the past 2 weeks with lots of guests coming and going. This theme looks to continue right through…

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Meetings and Visitors

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Picture: Ajahn Jayanto and Robin Moore (ex-Ajahn Suriyo) visiting

The Full Moon for this month falls today, Wednesday 10th May; the New  Moon will be on Thursday 25th May. At the end of last month we had a fruitful Lakeside Work Day. Various friends helped out with the…

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And Yet Another New Year

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Picture: Bathing the Buddha rupa 

The New Moon for this month falls today, Tuesday 25th April 2017. The Full Moon for next month will be on Wednesday 10th May. Last Sunday 16th April, we marked S.Asia's New Year with the traditional bathing of the Buddha rupa and asking…

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New Buddha Rupa

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Picture: A Buddha rupa offered to our monastery

(For this year these news/blogs will appear on the same day as the new- and full-moon days i.e. fortnightly, as opposed to the weekly Wednesday postings of the past). The Full Moon for this month falls today 11th April 2017…

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Wesak at Harnham

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We will celebrate Wesak this year on Sunday the 7th of May with the following events:

11:00 Paritta chanting and tdak bart

11:15 Short Dhamma Talk

11.30 Formal meal offering

17:30 Meditation for Beginners class

19:00 Circumambulation of the lake

20:00 Puja and Dhamma…

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Songkran Festival at Harnham

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This year the traditional Songkran Festival will be observed at Aruna Ratanagiri on Sunday 16th April at 10am. All welcome. After determining the 5 Precepts, the bathing of a Buddha rupa and the asking of forgiveness, the paritta are to be chanted at the same time as making offerings of…

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Lake Work Day on Saturday 29th of April

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Our monthly Lakeside Work Volunteer Days are resuming again on Saturday the 29th April.

There will be a session in the morning from 8.30 until 11am, then a break for the meal and a second session between 1 and 4pm. With a tea break!

You are welcome to…

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That Was Winter Retreat 2017

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Picture: Harnham Sangha at the end of Winter Retreat 2017

The Full Moon for this month falls on Tuesday 11th April. Our annual winter retreat has passed and we wish to express anumodana for the many generous offerings of support which led to such a smooth retreat. April…

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